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N-8390 Reine i Lofoten
Tel. (+47) 22 14 57 00. Mobile: (+47) 47 33 35 93
Email: [email protected]


Reine i Lofoten

In scenic Reine i Lofoten
we have two recently restored fisherman's cabins for hire with classic interior furnishings and a magnificent view, situated only a stone's throw from the seashore.

"Annebua" has one bedroom with a double bed and an open loft room with 2 berths, while "Kjellebua" has 1 bedroom with a double bed and bunks suitable for older children in an open loft room.

Both cabins are well-equipped with kitchen, sitting room with colour TV, bathroom and shower with under-floor heating and separate WC with under-floor heating.

Price: Annebua NOK 1300, Kjellebua NOK 1400 a night.
Prices include bedclothes and final day cleaning.
NB: For hire on a weekly basis only.


24 hour daylight during the summer!

Welcome to Ekjords Rorbuer
N-8390 Reine i Lofoten

Tel. (+47)  22 14 57 00
Email: [email protected]

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